Ms Yun Yan ZHOU, MM (China)

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The Practice Rooms

26 Upper Borough Walls

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Having graduated from the Tianjin University of Traditional Chinese Medicine with a BSc in Acupuncture, MSc in the Integration of Western and Oriental medicine and research in China’s leading teaching and research hospital, the Tianjin General Hospital, Dr . Yunyan ZHOU is  a skilled in all aspects of Traditional Chinese Medicine with over twenty four years of experience in its study, practice, and teaching. UK practice since 1998.

TCM sees the body as consisting of Qi (vitality), Blood,Yin, Yang and Zang-Fu (the Five Organs and Six Viscera). With these components in harmony, wellbeing is conserved; in disorder, chronic conditions ensue. To alleviate the symptoms, herbs designed to move the Qi are often prescribed, Dr. Zhou  may suggest specific Qigong exercises and a Chinese therapeutic diet to ensure that your recovery back to health is as swift as possible.

It has always been her passion to maintain patients’ wellbeing through this ancient and involved practice.  She is part of the Bath Fertility, Pregnancy and Parenting Team that at the Practice Rooms.

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