All Members of The Association are bound by the Association’s Code of Professional Conduct and Code of Practice and must hold a university, college or other equal recognized professional qualification in Chinese medicine. The different categories of qualifications are designated on appropriately worded certificates issued by the Association.

All members who are currently practising TCM must be covered by professional and public liability insurance for TCM practice and this requirement is compulsory. ATCM has a Professional Block Insurance Scheme with Balens Specialist Insurance Consultants, which covers professional indemnity (malpractice), public liability and product liability.

For the purpose of insurance, ATCM is an Introducer Appointed Representative of Balens Limited, Bridge House, Portland Road, Malvern, WR14 2JR, who are authorised and regulated by The Financial Conduct Authority.

ATCM have three different types of members for the purpose of practice, and honour. These Types are:

Practicing Members: Ordinary Members; Associate Members; Overseas Members
Practicing Under Supervision Members: Student Members
Honorary Members: Fellow Members; Honorary Members

Practicing Members


Ordinary Member – Full Member (FM)

If a member’s registration number prefixed with “FM”, that indicate that this member is qualified to practice Chinese acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine and Tuina – Chinese therapeutic massage.


Ordinary Member -Category I (CA)

If a member’s registration number prefixed with “CA”, this indicate that this member is qualified to practise Chinese acupuncture and Tuina – Chinese therapeutic massage.


Ordinary Member -Category II (CB)

If a member’s registration number prefixed with “CB”, that means that this member is qualified to practise Chinese acupuncture only.


Ordinary Member -Category III (CC)

If a member’s registration number prefixed with “CC”, that means that this member is qualified to practise Chinese acupuncture, Tuina – Chinese therapeutic massage and Chinese patent herbal medicine.


Ordinary Member -Category IV (CD)

If a member’s registration number prefixed with “CD”, that means that this member is qualified to practise Chinese herbal medicine.

All Ordinary Members have the right of votes


Associate Members

Associate Members must have received training in one or more aspects (such as tuina – Chinese therapeutic massage, cupping) of TCM to a standard acceptable to the Council of the Association. Their membership registration number prefixed with “AT”.

Associate Members have no right of vote.


Overseas Members

Members who practice outside United Kingdom. Their membership registration number prefixed with “OS”.

Overseas Members have no right of vote.

Practive under Supervision Members


Student Members

Student members are students of TCM. Student member is entitled to practice TCM under the supervision from accredited training institutes. Their membership registration number prefixed with “SM”.

Student members have no right of vote.

Honorary Members

Dr Xiaoping Zhai (Honoured in 2004)

Dr Xiao-Ping Zhai is the founder of The Zhai Clinic and is a specialist in reproductive medicine. She graduated in China and is qualified in both Western and Chinese medicine. She draws on both disciplines to treat patients in the most appropriate way.

She is a fellow of the Royal Society of Medicine and the Association of traditional Chinese medicine and Acupuncture UK and a member of the British Fertility Society. Dr Zhai is committed to promoting further research into the role of TCM in reproductive medicine and her work has attracted widespread journalistic interest. She contributes to professional journals and has been featured on radio, television and in national newspapers and magazines. She was one of the founders of ATCM.

Dr Bing Chung Chan (Honoured in 2006)

Dr Chan graduated from Guangzhou University of TCM at 1966 and qualified as a doctor of Chinese medicine since then. He practised Chinese medicine in Hong Kong until 1986; then he moved to the UK and practising in London since 1987. Dr Chan is one of the founders of ATCM and Fellow member of ATCM. He served as council members as the Treasurer for 12 years. He had been a member of programme development committee at Middlesex University.

Dr Shou Ming Zhong (Honoured in 2017)

Dr Shouming Zhong is the initiator and founder of ATCM(UK). Graduated in 1965 from China Pharmaceutical University, he became a pharmacist and worked in various sectors of pharmaceutical sciences before becoming a lecturer in Guiyang Medical College in 1975. Dr Zhong obtained his PhD in the University of Strathclyde, Glasgow in 1983 and later became a Professor in China Pharmaceutical University. In 1998 he was employed by UNIDO as an expert group leader stationed in Guatemala.  After being invited as a Visiting Professor to the University of Strathclyde  for 2 years, he joint TCM herbal medicine industry in Oxford, UK in 1992 and worked as Research Director, Director of New Products, Director of R & D, Company Board Director and Company Secretary, respectively, until 2008. It was in 1994 when he invited some TCM Practitioners mainly from China working in the UK to meet in London and created ATCM (UK).

With over 30 published papers/articles and various invited keynote speeches or presentations in international conferences, Dr Zhong also holds 12 GB or international patents, all of which were granted.


The Fellow of ATCM is set up for praising and confirming members who devoted remarkable contributions to ATCM. More details of Fellow members can be found on Rules for the Fellow of ATCM. 

  • Kun Shan BU 卜昆山
  • Bing Chung CHAN 陈炳忠
  • Wei Xiong CHEN 陈伟雄
  • Song Shan CHU 朱松山
  • Shu Jun DUAN 段姝均
  • Qing Hao FAN 范庆浩
  • Yu HAN 韩煜
  • Dan JIANG 江丹
  • Wen Qing LI 李文卿
  • Ke Zheng LIANG 梁克政
  • Hui An LIU 刘会安
  • Xia LIU 刘霞
  • Xin LU 鹿馨
  • Hui NIE 聂卉
  • Hui Jun SHEN 沈惠军
  • Shu Lan TANG 汤淑兰
  • Jia Rui WANG 王家瑞
  • Wei WANG 王微
  • Dun Xu WU 吴敦序
  • Jun Hong XIA 夏均宏
  • Ying XU 徐盈
  • Biao YANG 杨彪
  • Li Ren YUAN 袁立人
  • Chao ZHANG 张超
  • Guo Wen ZHAO 赵国文
  • Li Qin ZHAO 赵丽琴
  • Bai Fang ZHU 祝柏芳
  • Zhi Qing ZHU 朱志强
  • Engin CAN 张恩勤
  • Min CHANG 常珉
  • Ming Zhao CHENG 程铭钊
  • Xiao Lan DENG 邓小兰
  • Guang Xi FAN 范光熙
  • Ze Xin GUO 郭泽新
  • Xuan HE 何绚
  • Song Xuan KE 柯松轩
  • Yong Zhi LI 李永芝
  • Da Rong LIU 刘大荣
  • Qiu Yan LIU 刘秋燕
  • Xiao Ming LIU 刘晓明
  • Fan Yi MENG 孟凡毅
  • Li Yi QI 戚丽宜
  • Wen Rui SU 苏文瑞
  • Tie Jun TANG 唐铁军
  • Tian Jun WANG 王天俊
  • Yan Jing WANG 王燕京
  • Ji Dong WU 吴继东
  • Davia XIU 修运强
  • Ying XU 徐盈
  • Qin Jian YANG 杨勤建
  • Xiao Ping ZHAI 翟小萍
  • Dan Feng ZHANG 张丹凤
  • Kai Cun ZHAO 赵凯存
  • Ping Ping ZHAO 赵平平
  • Yi ZHU 朱毅