Code of Professional Conduct (Eng)The Code of Professional Conduct is approved and published by the Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture UK (ATCM) for guidance and for the protection of patients in relation to the practice of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).  It is also serves to explain to people outside the TCM profession the high standards under which our members operate.

By becoming a member of the ATCM, once registered members have agreed to be bound by this Code of Professional Conduct and submit to the jurisdiction of the ATCM Professional Conduct Committee. This committee has the power to judge as unethical any behaviour which breaches this Code and which reflects badly upon the practice of Traditional Chinese Medicine or the ATCM. Any allegations against a member will be examined and investigated by the committee in accordance with the procedures outlined in this Code.

It is impossible to list all the situations and eventualities that members may face in the practice of TCM in The Code of Professional Conduct.  The ATCM will regularly update its members in order to keep them as informed as possible of any changes and developments in the professional conduct expected of an ATCM member.

If you need advice on a professional or an ethical matter on which this Code is not completely clear, you are strongly advised to consult the ATCM Professional Conduct Committee.  The final explanation and interpretation of this Code belongs to the ATCM Council.



This Code has been written and published in the English language.  The Executive Council of ATCM is aware that many of its members use English as a second language, as will many patients. In order to ensure that the provision of this Code are understood and complied with by all of its members and that its requirements can be understood by all members of the general public, the Council has adopted the following two principles:

It is the responsibility of every member of the Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine to read and familiarize themselves with the English language version of this Code, employing at their own expense translation services where necessary, and to be able to explain satisfactorily to their patients, if asked, the main requirements of the Code.

The Council undertakes to identify a pool of practitioner members or independent translators, where necessary, as a resource to enable members of the public for whom English is not a first language to be given explanations of the main requirements of the Code in their native tongue.


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