Ms Yan YUN, BM (China)

Membership number: FM0010641
16 Clerk street

16 Clerk street Edinburgh

Tel: 01316 620 202





Ms Yan Yun is working in the shop at Edinburgh are especially experiencd practicanet in TCM. She graduated with a Bachelor degree after 5 years’ study on both western medicine and TCM at the Beijing University of Chinese Medicine, the most prestigious Chinese medical academy in China. She first worked as an intern at the Beijing Hospital of Chinese Medicine for 2 years. After being qualified as doctor, she later worked in the Acupuncture Department at the Beijing Hospital of Chinese Medicine for 14 years and began her career at Edinburgh in the UK since 1999. Now she is member of The Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine (UK) (ATCM, PO Box 1136 , headington DO , OX3 8XP ).


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