Ms Xiao Yan LI, BM (China)

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Mrs. Xiaoyan li graduated with a Bachelor degree in 1986 from Yunnan University of Chinese Medicine in China. She had been rigorously trained in both chinese medicine and western medicine for 5 years in full time (1981-1986).Since than she started her almost 30 years TCM career.

Mrs.Xiaoyan Li is an experienced TCM practitioners with significant experience in treatment of infertility,menopause, stree, depression,anxiety insomnia, back pain,sciatica,migraine,headeches,digestion problem and Beauty

Mrs. Xiaoyan Li was a fully qualified registered Doctor in China and had been working in the Hospital of Integrated Traditional Chinese Medicine and Western Medicine in Yunnan Province for 17 years before she came to the Uk in 2003.

Mrs. Xiaoyan Li has been practicing Acupuncture and Herb remedy in the UK since 2003. She is now working at Acupuncture & Herbs clinic in Braintree (since 2009).

Mrs Xiaoyan li is a full member of ATCM (the association of traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture Uk) and fully insured by H&L Blen &

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