Ms Xiao Sheng FU, BM (China)

Membership number: FM0040015
14 Moor Street

Brierley Hill
West Midlands

Tel: 01384 74556




Dr Fu has been practicing Chinese Medicine and acupuncture over 30 years. She graduated from

Traditional Chinese Medicine University of Changchun in 1986 ,north of China.

She also worked at this University and hospital as a doctor and teacher . She taught students

from all over the world. She then went to Kuwait as member of a Chinese medicine team in 1995 till1997 .She was a celebrity doctor there ,making appearances on TV .radio and in newspapers, she also treated a Kuwait Royal family member as well.

She came to England in 2001 and has treated patient with a high rate of successful. This include acupuncture that relieves all of sorts of pain, skin problems , especially Children`s Eczema, infertility .stroke ,asthma ,depression ,beauty and other difficult problems .Consultation will convince you of her skills.

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