Ms Wen Qing LI, Dip TCM

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Dr Wenqing Li is a qualified doctor of Chinese medicine. Her clinic experience is over 40 years in combining Chinese (herbs and acupuncture) and Western medicine (conventional medicine) treating a wide variety of conditions.

After 6.5 years’ (1980-1987) full time study,  she obtained her medical degree from Beijing University of Chinese Medicine where she is trained in both Chinese and Western medicine. In 1996, she became a consultant in the Beijing hospital where she practised for over 25 years.

Dr Li has been working in the UK for over 17 year as a medical consultant in Chinese Medicine.  She is  an  Honorary Research Fellow  at St James Leeds University Teaching Hospital and UK, A member of head group of university based  Complementary and Alternative  Medicine   Research (CAM).  She is appointed   as   an acupuncturist by the CCG of Leeds and Wakefield NHS.

Dr Li has participated in many conferences on medicine in China, Europe, Canada and the USA. She has published over 30 academic articles. She completed her post graduate study (2011-2013) at  Leeds University medical school. She is invited to be an expert advisor to the China national organisation of Cancer rehabilitation division of the Chinese gerontism and the gerontic cancer (CSGOR). She is  doing  the  research in Blepharitis, Uveitis and Optic neuropathy.

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