Ms Min Ling CHEN, MSc

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Parkshot Medical Richmond

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Minling Chen is a well qualified and experienced TCM practitioner.  She also completed a master degree in a leading  pain science programme  from King’s college of London, which enables her treat pain conditions more effectively with an integrated  Chinese and western medicine way. Her extensive clinical experience includes working and teaching at the Asante academy of Chinese medicine affiliated with Middlesex university and pain clinic at Withington hospital.  She has established herself within doctors’ practices  in Richmond area since 2002, where she treats patients that are referred by both local doctors, physio therapists and other alternative practitioners.   She is  specialised in Neurological and muscular-skeletal pain conditions i.e. migraine, frozen shoulder,  back pain, arthritis knees/hips, sciatica, sports injuries, stroke rehabilitation;  stress related illness such as depression,  chronic fatigue, insomnia;, She also treat digestive disorder: IBS, stomach pain, colitis; women hormonal problems: irreqular menstruation, menopause, infertility; dermatological problems: eczema, psoriasis, acnes, etc.

Minling speaks fluent English and Chinese with good understanding of both eastern and western culture which allows her communicate effectively with her patients. She has  a very warm and caring personality and is dedicated to provide a high standard of treatment for her patients.

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