Ms Maria Del Mar DE LA CRUZ, TCM Certificate

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Freedom Clinic

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Ms .Mar  De la Cruz  at University School of TCM (e.u.mtc) , Madrid , Spain and graduated as a Practitioner in TCM.

She started over 10 years TCM career from 2006 when she was appointed as a Practitioner in training in ”Guan an Men Clinics” in Madrid and as a practitioner in some Clinics in Malaga Spain .

Since 2012 she started practicing acupuncture in U.K.

She is now practicing as a TCM consultant at “Fredoom Clinics” in Leeds.

Ms. De la Cruz is an experienced TCM practitioner with significant experiences in treatment diseases like Back pain, Arthritis and joint pain, Stress/Depression/Anxiety  and Endometriosis and Female infertility.

Ms. De la Cruz is also member of other professional bodies including “Health and Care Professional Council” ( hcpc )  and Pan European Federation of Traditional Chinese Medicine Societies ( PEFOTS).

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