Ms Elzbieta PEKALSKA, Diploma in TCM

Membership number: FM0210012

2 The Sidings
Whaley Bridge
SK23 7HE

Tel: 0777 580 6677





Mrs Pekalska received a PhD degree (cum laude) in Artificial Intelligence in 2005. She worked at university (co-authoring 50 articles) before the arrival of her sons. She then professionally retrained into Chinese Medicine to help solve complex health issues of her twins. She first learnt Tui Na (2015), then Acupuncture (diploma in 2017) and Chinese Herbalism (diploma in 2019).

She has been continuously learning from the best practitioners, including private mentors, and by studying books and taking multiple CPD courses. She is knowledgeable about medical pulse diagnosis, scalp acupuncture, abdominal acupuncture, Tung and Tan approaches, electroacupuncture, dry needling, gua sha, cupping, etc.

Because of her research expertise, Mrs Pekalska consolidates various approaches, relying also on findings in the western medicine. She takes on difficult cases such as persistent pain after an injury, chronic pain, fibromyalgia, digestive problems, autonomic dysfunctions, endometriosis and alike.

She usually combines (electro-)acupuncture with Tui na / myofascial release, and herbs if needed. She discusses diet and motivates for a change (because she trained as a coach too).  She invites people to actively work on their well-being by giving them tools and techniques to ease anxiety and stress or improve digestion.

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