Ms Bao Xia LI, BM (China)

Membership number: FM0050049
160B Finchley road

160B Finchley road London

Tel: 07540 776059





Mrs Baoxia Li was educated at ChengDe medical university China and graduated with a Bachelor degree in TCM . She started her over 20 years TCM career from 1995 . When she was appointed as a consultant at the Dacheng hospital China . Since 2004 she started practicing China Medicine in the Uk . She is now practicing as a TCM consultant at her own TCM clinic in north London .

Mrs Baoxia Li was trained chemotherapy in TianJin cancer Hospital China in 2002, so she has a lot of experience in treat cancer patients . She also good at treat women’s issures  , emotions problems , IBS , pain relief etc . 


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