Mrs Yan LIU, BM (China)

Membership number: FM0120051
YUE Clinic (Acupuncture & TCM Herbal Remedies)

32 Osborne Street

Tel: 07595318568



Dr Yan Liu graduated from the Beijing Traditional Chinese Medicine University in 1997 and qualified as a Chinese Doctor in December 1999.

She worked for 5 years in the Chinese Japanese Friendship Hospital in Beijing before being headhunted for posts in private clinics in Germany, and Italy before settling in the UK.

Dr Yan Liu is passionate about lifelong learning to bring the best of Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine to her clinic for the benefit of her patients.

Dr Liu has a wealth of experience in treating migraine, insomnia, colitis, pain relief, allergies, sports injuries, coughs and fevers, infertility, amongst others.

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