Mrs Xuehong ZHANG, BM (China)

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Chinese Healthcare Centre

Unit 32
Orchard Shopping Centre

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Dr. Zhang graduated from Cheng De Medical College University with a BM in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). She worked in the acupuncture department of Tangshan Hospital of TCM in China from 1991 to 2004 and was promoted to the Deputy Chief Doctor of TCM. During her more than twenty-year of working period, she has been not only devoted in the theories of Western Medicine and TCM, but also integrated theory with practice. From 1992, Dr Zhang began furthering her knowledge of TCM with the help of Dr. Guosan Wang—Chief Doctor of TCM, who is also one of the 500 most famous doctors of TCM in China. In September 2003, she was appointed as the successor of the academic thinking of Dr. Wang by the TCM Administration of Hebei province. Dr. Zhang has been practicing TCM in the UK since 2004 and has achieved excellent clinically results in her practices, especially in pain relief, weight loss and treating skin problems.



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