Mrs Xiao Li LI

Membership number: FM0060078
20 Golders Green Road

20 Golders Green Road London
NW11 8LL

Tel: 020 8201 8788




Dr Xiaoli Li is a highly experienced traditional Chinese medicine practitioner and an acupuncturist for about 30 years who is compassionate about helping people with their ailments.

Dr Li graduated from China Medical University with an honors degree majored in Herbal Medicine. She has extensive knowledge and experience in dealing with a wide range of health issues ranging from back pain to infertility. She is specifically specialized in weight loss, women’s health, pain relief acupuncture and skin problems.

Being a reputable and highly experienced professional in Chinese medicine and acupuncture, Dr Li has never stopped learning from the best. She keeps attending seminars and webinars organized by medical experts and always applies the most updated knowledge and well-proven skills to practice. For example, she brought the very popular and effective magnetic QUZI 3+1 comprehensive weight loss program from China to the UK and has since helped numerous clients shedded extra pounds successfully.

Practising in her own clinic in London for over 10 years, Dr Li has cured and helped numerous clients and has received thumb-up and gratitude from customers for her compassionate care and expertise.

Dr Li is passionate about her profession and her goal is to utilize her superior medical knowledge and experience in helping more and more people in managing their health conditions in a natural and none side effects way. Dr Li is a member of The Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) in the UK.


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