Mrs Wen Qing Li

Membership number: FM0040103
Research Executive


TCM Practitioner




Obtained degree from BUCM and clinical refresher study with professors, .Yongyan Wang, Renhe Lu, Suolun Sun, Jijun Jiang and Shuchang Chen. In 1996, became an associate Consultant in Beijing. Got her post graduate certificate and diploma in health research at medical school of Leeds University in 2013.

TCM Experience

been working in the UK since 1998 as a consultant in TCM; an Honorary Research Fellow at St James University Teaching Hospital since 2006. A member of head group of university based Complementary and Alternative Medicine Research since 2004; an appointed acupuncturist by CCG NHS. She attended the China National research project with China Academy and Chile; invited and pointed to be an expert advisor to the China national official. She is now undertaking some researches in Ophthalmology.

Other Professional Experiences

published over 30 papers on CM and the integration of Chinese and Western Medicine; published a book <Clinic Tumor Rehabilitation> (co-writer); as the presenter, participated in many conferences on medicine in China, Hongkong, Europe, Canada and USA.



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