Mrs Jing Zhou, BM (China)

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Mrs Jing ZHOU is from three generations of TCM and started to learn TCM from her father at 5 years old. She was educated at Jiangxi Traditional Chinese Medicine College, China and graduated with a Bachelor degree in TCM. She started her over 23 years TCM career from 1994 when she worked at the department of gynaecology in the grade A class Three general provincial hospital. She opened her own general clinic in China in 2005 and until now she has cured tens of thousands of patients with various difficult and complicated cases especially for infertility.

  • Mrs Jing ZHOU is an experienced TCM practitioner with significant experience in the treatment of various Women’s problems including infertility、endometriosis、irregular periods、menopause、polycystic ovarian syndrome(PCOS), amenorrhea, miscarriage, etc.
  • She is also an expert in the treatment of male infertility、prostatitis;arthritis , diabetes, all skin conditions, insomnia, stroke,stones , various aches and pains, etc.

Mrs Jing ZHOU is working in London now.

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