Mrs Jing WANG, BM (China)

Membership number: FM0170004
Zhi Xing Tang Chinese Medical Centre

35B Market Street
B79 7LR

Tel: 0182 765 888





Dr. Jing Wang – Bachelor of Medicine; M.D. and Consultant of Orthopedics Surgeon in China, Consultant of TCM in UK

Dr. Wang has practiced in the clinic sine 1990 and been qualified as a M.D. since 1993. Engaged in clinical Orthopedics research, trained and worked as a Orthopedics surgeon in Beijing, China Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Wangjing Hospital until 2000. After working as a Consultant of Orthopedics, she then moved to UK, working for the Chinese Medical Centre as a Consultant of TCM and became to the Company Director. Accumulated rich diagnostic and clinical experience, she has successfully treated thousands of patients and gained an excellent reputation. We are very confident that she can help you attain health and happiness.

Dr. Wang is also a senior associate member of the Royal Society of Medicine in UK.

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