Mrs Hui Nie

Membership number: FM0040392
Academic & Education Executive


Dr .Hui Nie is currently as an academy executive in ATCM. She works at Nie Acupuncture clinic in Manchester for 17 years, she also teaches scalp acupuncture in the Europe in part time.



Dr Hui Nie graduated from Heilongjiang University of Chinese Medicine (HGUCM) in 1983 and had worked as an assistant professor and senior Acupuncturist in an affiliated Hospital of HGUCM, China for 15 years. Dr. H Nie completed her PhD at HGUCM, studying and researching scalp acupuncture in stroke, so that Dr Hui Nie is specialize in Scalp Acupuncture in her academic career. 

TCM Experience

Dr. Nie moved to the UK in 2001 as well as set up her own clinic in Manchester.

Other Professional Experiences

Dr Hui Nie published totally about 24 papers, 9 of them in the UK, 7 books as a co-writer and 3 awards of scalp acupuncture research project .



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