Mrs Delta Patricia MENENDEZ CREAMER, MSc

Membership number: CD0140032
Not Currently in Practice



Mrs Menendez has an extensive background in medicine and scientific research and has been practicing several types of complementary medicine with great success for many years. She successfully holds a BSc in Acupuncture from the Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU) and an MSc in research at Bedford

University. She successfully gained her Diploma in Chinese Herbal Medicine at the Shulan College of Chinese Medicine in Manchester. She has now set up her clinic in Manchester where she offers conventional TCM techniques as well as “Laser Acupuncture,” which can accelerate the benefits of conventional acupuncture and reduce pain faster. This unique treatment uses no needles so is pain free and the laser is very low power therefore, perfectly safe for all patients including children and elderly people.

Mrs Menendez is experienced in treating many common conditions, which vary in intensity from mild to chronic. However, she specialises in treatments for anxiety, depression, stress, migraine, headaches, low back pain, asthma and arthritis.

Mrs Menendez is also a member of the British Acupuncture Council (BAcC).


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