Mrs Qing-Ling YAO, BM (China)

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56 Bellrock Park
EH10 6TY

Tel: 07588 684 869




Dr. Yao has extensive clinical experiences in a wide range of specialties. She began her learning in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) as a child, with her grandfather who was a reputable local TCM physician in the Province. She subsequently completed a degree in the Henan Province Traditional Chinese Medicine University  in 1985 and became qualified as a TCM physician herself. She worked in the tertiary city hospital and became the youngest TCM consultant in the hospital in 1998.

Dr Yao further advanced her training in varies specialities of TCM including neurology, endocrinology, renal medicine and gynaecology in Beijing Dongzhimen Hospital in 1999.

It has been nineteen years since Dr Yao began her practice in Edinburgh in 2002. Over the thirty-five years of TCM practice, she had gained expert clinical knowledge in a wide range of specialities, including difficult diseases such as stroke, anxiety, depression, chronic pains, dermatology conditions, infertility and children’s illnesses. She had also gained some clinical knowledge in treating patients’ with COVID19 infections in the past year.

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