Mr Yuan Sheng ZHANG, MSc

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Chiswick Chinese Medicine Clinic

2A Acton Lane
W4 5NE

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Mr Zhang has been a chinese medicine doctor for over 15 years. He awarded Master degree in Chinese Mediicne in Middlesex University UK on December 2012. Undergraduated from Hubei univeristy of Chinese Medicine in China, majoring in Traditional Chinese Medicine, also had advanced study on comprehensive traditional Chinese medicine in Xiyuan Hospital of CATCM (China Academy of TCM, a leading combined TCM and western medicine general  hospital) in Beijing and studies on comprehensive western medicine at Capital University of Medical Sciences with affiliated hospital general medical science in Beijing.

Since 2005, He practiced in UK Chinese medicine centre, Analyzed customers’ needs and wants for health keeping, and ethically and professionally communicated with customers to maximize their benefits.

Mr Zhang is an experienced TCM practioner with significant experience in treatment of various Pain problem, Arthritis, Infertility, Stress & Depression and etc.

MrZhang is a natural person,warm friendly and with enthusiastic and happy personality.

Academic achievements

Main Editor of <senior doctors reference—TCM physics>

Author of <clinical application of insulin> published by (LILLY diabietes treatments)

Author of < clinical research of BeclometasoneDipropionateAerosol against ashma and compared with treatments combined withTCM > published by (china TCM journal) 2000 Vol.7 No.5

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