Mr Xiao Ping ZHOU, BM (China)

Membership number: FM0150027
28 The Market Place

Crystal Peaks Shopping Centre
South Yorkshire
S20 7PL

Tel: 07587 199 188





I graduated from the Changchun Traditional Chinese Medical University, one of the most prestigious Chinese medical universities in China, in 1998. After the graduation, I had worked as a doctor in a large hospital in Changchun city, a capital city in northern China for 9 years. I had practiced Chinese medicines in a great capacity during that time period. I was specialised in diagnosing causes for a variety types of pain and providing treatments for recovery. I was also specialised in treatments for infertility. All these treatments include the use of acupuncture, herbal medicines and massage.

I was invited to work in one of Dr & Herbs clinics in Brighton in 2007 to practice my Chinese medicines in England. I had worked for 4 years in Brighton and received a significant recognition from my patients, locally and from other countries, who came to Brighton on holidays. A few are still keeping in touch requiring further medication diagnoses form me over the years. In 2011, I moved to Sheffield working at one of Dr & Herbs clinics firstly at Meadowhall and then at one in the Crystal Peaks. I have also established good relationships with my patients and some are regulars and recommend my treatments to their friends. I worked in Herb Inn since the beginning of 2014 until August 2014 when I decided to practice Chinese Medicine independently. 

I have a high standard professional attitude and moral standard and care for the wellbeing of my patients. I will only say yes and provide treatment for those health issues which I am confident in and will say no to those which my experiences do not cover.

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