Mr Xi Bin LIU, BM (China)

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Dr Shi's TCM Clinic

54 Main Street
N. Ireland
BT24 8DN

Tel: 02897 564 498



Mr Xibin liu educated  at Heilongjiang   TCM   college  and  graduated  with  a bachelor   degree   in  TCM . He started   him over 25 years  TCM  career  from  1990 when  he was  appointed  as  a consultant at the Heihe TCM  hospital  .since 2002 he started  practicing in the UK .He is now practicing as a TCM consultant  at  him own TCM clinic in  northern  Ireland                     

Mr Xinbin  liu is an experienced  TCM  practitioner with significant experiences  in  treatment of  Stress/Depression/Anxiety. Back pain. Insomnia. IBS/Diarrhea/Constipation. Female Infertility/IVF . ME/Chronic Fatigue Sciatica and Neuralgia. Migraine/Headache.        

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