Mr Shi-Ming FANG, BM (China)

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409B Ashley Road

BH14 0AX

Tel: 01202 989 920




Mr. Shiming  Fang was educated at Anhui University of Chinese Medicine Hefei China and graduated with a Bachelor degree in TCM. He started his over 30 years TCM career from 1989 when he was appointed as a  consultant doctor at Baohe City Hospital. Since 2006 he started practicing  Chinese Medicine in the UK. He is now practicing as a TCM consultant at Wecareremedy TCM clinic .

Mr.Fang is an experienced TCM practitioner with significant experiences in treatment of various skin conditions including eczema, psoriasis, acne and etc. He is also good at treating muscular ,skeletal & neurological issues. From which he builds up a lot of skills ,Dr. Fang is now a very confident practitionor in solving many chronic and stubborn problems . He  works hard and  takes every single case seriously .

Mr.Fang has been practicing TCM including herbalist acupuncture and TUINA . In different stage of his career  he gained various precious experiences . Upon that he understands more and deeper about human body . A small  change of the angle you see makes huge differences, he always says.

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