Mr Rui Shan Liu, BM (China)

Membership number: FM0170037
Xing Lin Chun Clinic (Chinese Herbal Remedy & Acupuncture Wellness Centre)

300 High Street
G4 0QN

Tel: 0141 387 1424





Ruishan Liu graduated from Hebei Medical University with a bachelor degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Since 1991 he has practiced medicine. From 2002 to 2005, he undertook an training in China’s Traditional Chinese Medicine Academy in Beijing, where he was mentored by many of the most prestigious experts in the country. During his training, he concentrated on bettering his skills in treating cardiocerebrovascular, dermatological, rheumatic,and gynaecological diseases

Ever since he came to practice medicine in the UK in 2008, Liu has cured many patients who do not spare their praises as he has cured their chronic problems and released them from pain.

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