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Ping Wu, MSc in TCM, Middlesex University,  a graduate from Shanghai TCM University in 1983. He studied from many TCM masters in Beijing and Shanghai, with working experience in China (Anhui TCM Institute between 1988 and 1992), Japan, Germany, Russia and UK. He was reported by local TV, newspaper and magazine due to excellent efficacies, including twice by Pheonix TV European channel, Singtao Newspaper and the famous Russian Personage magazine. He studied at Shanghai Qigong Institute in 1991. He was once invited in Russia by Li Lanqing, the Chinese high official who was visiting Russia then, and the vice health secretary of China who was in charge of TCM. He was also invited to the House of Commons to demonstrate TCM skills during the TCM week in London. He treated the Chinese ambassador and many Chinese high officials visiting UK. He once cured a paralysed boy in 2005 and was reported by the local newspaper.  He created his own holographic sense-response spiritual method, specialising in many difficult conditions, e.g. infertility, refractory pain, etc.



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