Mr Ming Liang CHEN, BM (China)

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139 Stroud Green Road

139 Stroud Green Road London
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Mr mingliang Chen has been well educated in medicine and traditional Chinese medicine (TCM)during 1978-1980. He attended a Military hygienic medical training  from 1982-1986, he studied medicine at Shanghai TV University specializing  in western medicine. From 1986-1991 he earned his bachelor degree(BSC) in TCM from Shanghai TCM university . He has been actively serving in various professional organizations of many years including association of acupuncture of China and Chinese  association of ultrasound in medicine and engineering.

Mr Chen has 40 years experience in TCM. He started his TCM career in 1976, since then he has practised in TCM at various hospitals in Shanghai and Qingdao in China. In 2001 he moved to UK, he worked in Herbal Inn and Chinese Medicine Center (UK)for 4 years. In 2006 he opened his own TCM clinic and has worked as a practitioner until the present day.

He is a well trusted and particularly experienced in treatment of back and joint pain, skin and internal problems, mental and genito-urinary problems etc.He has helped many patients with complicated and challenging diseases during his 15 years of practice in the UK.

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