Mr Guo Wen ZHAO, BM (China)

Membership number: FM0040232
Herb Zhao Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture Centre

3 Marlowes, High St.
Opp College
Hemel Hempstead

Tel: 01442 253 538



Mr ZHAO was educated at Tianjin Traditional Chinese Medical university, Tianjin, China and graduated with a Bachelor degree in  TCM. He started his over 30 years career from 1985 when he was appointed as a TCM Consultant at the hospital in Tianjin, China. Since 2000 he has started practicing Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture in the UK and is now practicing as a TCM consultant at Herb Zhao Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture Center , Hemel Hempstead , Hertfordshire.

Mr Zhao is an experienced TCM practitioner with significant experiences in the varied of pain release including Arthritis, Back pain, Frozen Shoulder , headache, Lumbago , Migraine ,MS, Neuralgia, PMT, sciatica, sports injuries, and in the wide range of the disease including Asthma, ,Gastritis ,IBS, Infertility ,ME, Menopause  syndrome ,  Stress , and skin complaints etc.

Mr Zhao is fellow member of The Association of Traditional Chinese medicine and Acupuncture UK

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