Mr Guo Bing WANG, BM (China)

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GB Wang Clinic

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Dr Guobing Wang graduated with a Bachelor degree (Bsc Hons) after six years of full-time training at Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine. He worked in Shanxi Traditional Chinese Medicine Teaching Hospital as a qualified clinical doctor from 1989. He also gave lectures on acupuncture and medical massage to students who study TCM in university as well. Thereafter he became a consultant working in a teaching hospital before moving to the UK in 2001.

Dr Wang has over twenty publications in TCM journals, and three books published. To date he has over 26 years of hospital and clinical experience. Dr Wang is experienced in a wide range of TCM, particularly in treatments of back pain, arthritis and joint pain, stress and depression, skin conditions, headache and migraine, female infertility, and IBS. He was invited to give a demonstration of Chinese medical massage during the seminar organised by the Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine in London. Dr Wang was the winner of the Shanxi Acupuncture and Massage competition in 1991, and was an Executive Director of Shanxi Acupuncture and Massage Association in 2001 – 2005.

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