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Mr HIN YUEN is a listed Chinese medicine practitioner in Hong Kong and China. Mr HIN YUEN has rich experience in treating skin allergies, muscles, joint pain, stroke sequel, rehabilitation and cancer support. Incurable disease is also an area he studied extensively.


Mr HIN YUEN came from a Chinese martial arts family background. He started his martial arts journey since he was 9. He obtained bonus in the national martial arts competition, representing Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine (NJUCM) 6 times. Mr HIN YUEN also actively promotes health management through traditional Chinese martial arts, including Tai Chi, Xing Yi and Ba Gua.



* Bachelor in TCM, Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine,China

* Master in Acupuncture & Tuina, Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine,China

* Mr is currently studying for a Doctoral degree in Literature in Chinese Medicine, Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine,China

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