Mr Fu Chun HE, MM (China)

Membership number: FM0030120

797 High Road

N12 8JT

Tel: 0208 446 7626



Mr. Fuchun He learned Traditional Chinese Medicine from his father since he was young and graduated from Helongjiang TCM College when he grew up. He had been awarded respectively both BSc and MSc with TCM in 1982 and 2001. He has written more than 10 books and published more than 20 academic articles.

Mr. He has practices in china more than 20 years and 12 years in the UK. He established Herb China clinic as a company in 2009 with 7 branches in London. The clinic addresses are as below: 797 High Road, N12 8JT; 77 Chase Side, N14 5BU; 47 High Street, IG6 2AD; 76 High Street, RM12 4UW; 95 High Road, N22 6BB; 102 King Street, W6 0QW; 31 George Street, CR0 1LB.

Main treatments he offers are as below: 1, All pain problems such as in neck, shoulder, back and legs etc. 2, All skin problems such as eczema, psoriasis, and acne etc.3, Male Problem such as lower sperm count, premature ejaculation etc.4, Female problems such as infertility, imbalance and menopause etc.5, Others such as hay fever, tinnitus etc

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