Mr Cai Long FANG, PhD

Membership number: FM0140034
Chandler’s Ford Chinese Medical Centre

2 Bournemouth Road
Chandlers Ford
SO53 3DB

Tel: 02380 269 998





Qualifications: Neuroscience MD, PhD, Chinese Medicine MSc, BSc

Subject Discipline:  Acupuncture and Chinese herb medicine



Dr. Cailong Fang graduated from Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine (NJUCM) and gained his Master’s Degree from Anhui University of Chinese Medicine (AHUCM). Dr Fang completed his MD and PhD of neuroscience at Shanghai University of Jiaotong and was a postdoctoral research scientist in Southampton University, King’s College London and Imperial College London and did some research projects on neurological disease and asthma for over 10 years and involved in 13 international publications.

He has practiced Acupuncture, Chinese medicine and Western medicine for 7 years in a well known hospital in China and was an associate professor of Chinese medicine. He has also practiced Chinese medicine and acupuncture in the UK for 10 years until 2015. He has a thorough understanding of the mechanisms of different ailments by both Chinese and Western medicine and has varied successful experiences in different kinds of pain problems, mood disorders, skin conditions, immune and auto-immune disorders and digestive disorders.




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