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Katherine Dandridge – TCM practitioner

BSc(Hons) TCM, BMed (Beijing), Dip CHM (Gyn/Obs), APDHA (Hong Kong), MATCM

Katherine started her studies in complementary therapy in 1999 in Hong Kong, studying holistic practice, aromatherapy and massage therapy with reflexology, mind-body connections and subtle intuitive practices and basic TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) theory. She went on to study a 5 year full- time degree in TCM – Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine and studied at The Beijing University of Chinese Medicine gaining a Bachelor of Medicine from China and a Degree in TCM in the UK in 2006. Katherine completed post-graduate training with Dr Trevor Wing in 2012 specialising in TCM for Fertility and Gynaecological/Obstetrics. She has worked in London for clinics in Richmond, Kew and her experience includes working for the NHS as an acupuncturist for an oncology unit and working in Harley Street as a Fertility and IVF Transfer Acupuncturist for Dr Zhai. She has also received physical therapy training in Five Palms Qi Gong with Tianjun Liu and Nei Gong Practices in Hong Kong.

Katherine provides a professional and confidential, sympathetic and caring TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) diagnostic and treatment approach. This includes taking your pulse, looking at your tongue and recording your medical and personal history including subtle signs such as heat, cold, sleeping and digestive tendencies. Using completely natural products and techniques in the treatments; acupuncture, herbs, physical and energetic therapy to restore health and balance to your system.

Katherine is passionate about the pathway to health and longevity using TCM healthcare and preventative medical TCM practices.

She will work closely with you to come to joint decisions about your treatment plan.

Katherine is a full member of The Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture (ATCM).


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