Dementia is a disease which causes brain damage.The main symptoms of dementia are memory loss and difficulties with thinking, as well as personality changes and impaired reasoning. Acupuncture can be used as part of dementia care to aid relexation. By 2015 there will be 850,000 people with dementia in the UK, it will rise to 1 million people with dementia in the UK by 2025!
Dementia is caused when the brain is damaged by disease, about seventy percent of dementia people suffer from Alzheimer’s disease (AD) ,a second common damaged is vascular dementia, such as a major stroke . By conventional medicine some cases of dementia are caused by medical that can be treated, and treatment can restore some or all mental function, but most of the time dementia cannot be reversed , currently there are luck of effective treatment for dementia (1).Most of the medicine currently in use are give symptomatic treatment only such as antidepressant ,tranquilizer ,sleeping pill etc. if use those kind of medicine for too long, the side effect also too much

TCM Understanding on Dementia 

Traditional Chinese medicine believe that Dementia in elderly is associated with “daizheng “( 呆证),"Shang wang” (善忘) and “jianzheng”(癫证).etc.The main symptoms are memory lose , in apprehensive /acatamathesia / barrier understanding ,confused / disorderly spearhead, anxious, insomnia and dreamful sleep .

The factors can caused by insufficient of kidney Qi and essence that developed to a brain weakness and empty disease which is the based on pathology of dementia. The poor circulation is the direct caused to Brian empty ; if the spleen and stomach function are not strong ,the body will suffer from phlegm and mucks stagnation in the meridians and leading to brain empty and deficiency . The above three points ( Kidney deficiency , poor circulation and phlegm stagnation)
are the key point for the cause of dementia.

The treatment for dementia recommend by TCM could be Chinese herbal medicine, Acupuncture, herbal cuisine, Taiji exercise and Qigong exercise. Both on treatment and prevent are very effective .

For an example Chinese herbal medicine Radix polygalae ,Radix polygalae , Rabix glycyrrhizae, Radix angelica sinesis, and Radix rehmanniae were prioritized for highest potential benefit to dementia intervention ,was strong clinical support that is memory improving (2) .

Acupuncture also has been used for treatment on dementia, for example ,acupuncture on head acupoints and back -shu points, also combined with moxbustion or acupressure could be used,

TCM has been use for human metal and physical health for over 3000years history. The scientific research showing that TCM could help improving the blood supply to the Brian and increases the oxygen supply to the brain tissue ,increases the energy metabolism of the decay neuron .

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