On 21st November 2013, the Medicine and Healthcare Products Regulation Agency (MHRA) announced the decision to stop the “sell through” of herbal medicine products from the 1st May 2014. Following the announcement, ATCM took legal action against the decision made by MHRA. Below a chronicle of events is presented to show all the details of the legal case.

On 18 March 2014, MHRA submitted its responses to the court and rejected ATCM’s claims. Its main points include:

On the 1st April 2014, Dr. Zhao replied to the MHRA’s defending responses and made strong augments:

After careful consideration, ATCM council decided NOT to pursue the case any further at the end of April 2014. This decision was based on the following reasons:

Although the case was not able to proceed further due to financial difficulties, ATCM council has done its best to try to protect its members’ interests. The legal action also helped the publicity of ATCM.