ATCM has organised a Facial Improvement academic Seminar at London Middlesex University Hendon Campus on 26th June 2016, and around 130 members attended this seminar.

ATCM Education and academic committees have invited 3 speakers, Ms Xiangling Shi, Dr Shulan Tang and Ms Hannah Karimi to deliver their speeches. 

Mrs. Shi is a well established Chinese medicine practitioner of more than 30 years clinical experience specialised in facial acupuncture. Her success was shared with many other practitioners in her facial acupuncture seminars, and has gained her fame among her patients. She talks about the Facial Rejuvenation through Acupuncture & Meridian Detoxification on the day, this is a precious opportunity to discuss facial acupuncture and related practice with such an experienced specialist.

Following Mrs Shi, in the afternoon Dr Shulan Tang delivers her speech about Theory and Practice of Face Improvement. Dr Tang has been working with female clients for their concern for many years and summarised the theoretical framework on how to improve the skin conditions with both Chinese herbs and acupuncture. Some herbal beauty products were developed and tested. It is worthy if you would like a combination with acupuncture to achieve the best outcomes. 

Finally, Ms Hannah Karimi,a qualified Beauty Therapist (also qualified in Nutrition sport science) with 10 years experience, gives her clinical experience of developing a new pure natural approach to the facial enhancement.