The 2019 Annual General Meeting (AGM) of ATCM was held at the Ambassadors Bloomsbury Hotel in London on the 20th October 2019, together with the Celebration of 25th Anniversary of ATCM and the 1st Anniversary of the World Chinese Medicine Day. 102 members attended the AGM, as well as the founding president of ATCM Dr. Dinghui Luo, and three senior advisors which are Dr. Bingchung Chan and two of 86-year-old Dr. Lily Cheung and Dr. Liyi Qi. In addition, there are about 40 special guests include leaders from the Chinese Embassy in the UK, BAcC, EHTPA, PEFOTS, FTCMP, the Media and Sponsors/Chinese medicine suppliers also attended by invitation.

The morning session was AGM which was chaired by the Vice President Mingzhao Cheng. Firstly, the President Liqin Zhao made 2019 Annual Work Reports of the 15th Executive Council. Dr. Cheng made a report on the Revision of the Articles of ATCM, the Council Election Regulation and the Next Council Election for vote. The Registrar, Dr. Huijun Shen made a Financial Report on behalf of the Treasurer Dr. Jinpan Zou, as well as the proposal of next year’s budget and membership fees for approval. After a heated discussion of all attendees, the two presidents and Dr. Shen answered all the questions and finally passed the vote.

After the tea break, followed was the session of Academic Seminar, which was chaired by the Academic Executive Dr. Hui Nie. Two lectures were delivered by Dr. Xiao-Yang Hu from the University of Southampton and Professor Hugh MacPherson from the department of health science, University of York.

In the afternoon, the celebration party was hosted by Dr. Baifang Zhu. Firstly, broadcast a wonderful and happy drum dance video to bless the association! Then the versatile members performed their beautiful Chinese dance, Taiji Kungfu fan, traditional martial arts, as well as some exciting Chinese singing. The atmosphere was very lively and the celebration was pushed to a climax.

After the party, rest of the celebration was hosted by the Vice President. First of all, President Liqin Zhao made a keynote speech entitled ‘Never forget the Original Aspiration of TCM, Keep the Mission of ATCM Firmly in Mind’, she reviewed the establishment and development of the association, paid tribute to the seniors for their dedication to ATCM, and looking to the future of ATCM—develop and strengthen the association. Dr. Dinghui Luo has also made an important speech at the meeting. She appealed to members to cherish today’s achievements, unite and cooperate, continue to promote TCM.

Counselor Haitian Lu of the Chinese Embassy has also gave a warm speech. He highly praised the ATCM for promoting Chinese culture in the UK and raised ardent hopes for the association, and sincerely congratulated to ATCM! The first secretary of the Science and Technology Department of Chinese Embassy Mr. Ge Tan reviewed the research cooperation projects of the Chinese government and departments in the UK, and proposed the direction of future research cooperation. The Chair of TCMAB professor Michael Heinrich, the Chair of BAcC Philip-Rose Neil, the Chair of EHTPA Dr Chris Etheridge, the Chair of PEFOTS Dr Zhilin Dong, the President of FTCMP Dr Zanyu Chen, and two representatives of ATCM members Dr Hongye Zheng and Steve Kippax have also delivered wonderful speeches. The MP Mr. Mark Field and Lord Michael Bates were unable to attend the celebration, but both sent a congratulatory letter to us.

We have also received congratulations from the World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies (WFCMS), the World Federation of Acupuncture Society (WFAS), American Traditional Chinese Medicine Society (ATCMS), European Association of Scalp Acupuncture (EAOSA), Guangzhou University of TCM, the European Alumni Association of Tianjin University of TCM, the UK Alumni Association of Heilongjiang University of TCM, Henan University of TCM, and also some members whom cannot attend the celebration.

We received sponsorship from ATCM members Dr. Ying Xu and Dr. Weixiong Chen, CMC Tasly Group BV, Phoenix Medical, Shizhen TCM Ltd and some others. I would like to express my heartfelt thanks and compliments to their support!

(Written by Liqin Zhao)