The annual general meeting (AGM) of the Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture UK (ATCM) was held at the Hendon Campus of Middlesex University on 24th November 2013. About 200 members attended the AGM on the day.

The morning session was chaired by the vice president of ATCM Dr Huijun Shen. ATCM president, Dr. Kaicun Zhao, presented the annual working report on behalf the 12th ATCM council. (see following part to see the detailed report). In year 2013, ATCM council continues its great commitment to promote the statutory legislation of Herbal Medicine. Since the legislation process has been delayed again and again, and there has been a growing risk that the government may take a U-turn, ATCM council made a press release to urge the government to keep its promise on statutory regulation of herbal medicine and to take actual actions to put the legislation forward. Meanwhile, ATCM council worked together with EHTPA by taking joint actions to urge government to speed up the legislation progress, including organizing members to write to their local MPs and to join the petition in the parliament. In 2013, ATCM organized and hosted the London Forum of Traditional Chinese Medicine. This was commissioned by the World Federation of Chinese Medicine Society (WFCMS). About 150 people from China, UK and other European countries attended the forum. The annual report also provided a comprehensive summary on various aspects of the council works.

On the AGM, Dr Huijun Shen gave a detailed report on the current situation and development of statutory regulation. Dr. Kaicun Zhao on behalf of ATCM treasurer, Dr Yu Han, presented the 2013 ATCM financial report. ATCM has continually been maintained in a very good financial condition.

The award ceremony for 2013 ATCM Prize for Excellence in TCM Studies (PETS) is also held at the AGM. ATCM honorary adviser, Dr Bingchung Chan presented the certificates and the prize to the winners of this year.

In the academic session of the afternoon, four academic reports were presented by TCM scholars and researchers, including: Development in Neurobiology Research of Acupuncture by Dr Baiyun Zeng, a senior research fellow at the King’s College London; Fu Qing Zhu’s Gynecological Treatise on Regulating Menstruation by Prof. Shulan Tang, an ATCM council member and the principal of the Shulan TCM College; Discussions on TCM Phlegm Syndrome by Dr Huijun Shen, ATCM Vice President and senior lecturer of Lincoln University; and The Brain Diseases and their TCM Treatments by Dr Tianjun Wang, a Senior Lecturer and the Director of Acupuncture Clinic of University of East London. These presentations attracted a lot of interests and discussions among members at the AGM.

Speakers Presentation to download: 

Report on Memorandum Revision 2013 – Kai Cun ZHAO