Entry Requirements

As detailed in the Articles of Association of the ATCM, Ordinary Members (I; II; III; IV) and Overseas members must:

  1. be practitioners of TCM; and
  2. attend and pass the admission interview; and
  3. possess qualifications of a university or college or institution of TCM in one or more aspects of TCM such as Herbal Medicine, Acupuncture, Tuina and so on; or
  4. be qualified in western medicine but have received training in TCM to a standard acceptable to the Association; or
  5. possess qualifications and experience in TCM or any aspects thereof to a standard acceptable to the Association.

The ATCM Council has specified the above standards into three criteria for admission of membership. The applicants can be admitted as Full Members of ATCM only if they are:

  1. currently practising TCM (more than one aspect) in the UK.
  2. possess qualifications of at least 4 years full time training from China’s university/college of TCM, or university/college of modern medicine with TCM training acceptable to ATCM, or equivalent training in the UK or other countries.
  3. attend and pass the admission interview.

For Associate membership:

  1. be practitioners of TCM; and
  2. attend and pass the admission interview; and
  3. the length of training on one aspect of TCM is required to at least 3 years (full time) with practising experience for more than one year.

For Student membership:

Only for those current students of TCMAB Accredited Courses (Please click here to check the listed accredited courses).


Membership Application Procedures

Applying for Ordinary Members, Association Members and Overseas Members:

Applicants need to complete the Application Form and return it to ATCM office to the address shown on the application form, together with the photocopies of relevant qualifications and a cheque of £60.00 (payable to ATCM), as the application fee which is non-refundable. 

Once ATCM office has received the application, the applicant will be advised of a date, time, and venue for an admission interview, which which is
normally held in our London head office. For applicants living outside London, we have other locations for admission interviews. Those applicants could choose one of the following locations: Scotland, Manchester, Crew, Sheffield, Birmingham, Lincoln, Bristol to attend, just simply state this preference at the top right corner of their completed ATCM Membership Application Form. The admission interview will last approximately one hour. All applicants (except fresh graduates from TCMAB accredited courses and applications for student membership) are required to attend ATCM admission interview.

The admission interview is usually chaired by  ATCM Council members or regional group co-ordinators (for interviews outside London). During the interview, all applicants will be required to take an paper test on the knowledge of TCM first, which lasts for 30 minutes. Following this, applicants are interviewed individually, during which ID document (usually passport) of the applicant, original qualification certificate(s) or authorised notary copies must be inspected. The applicants will have to answer questions on TCM knowledge, their professional training, experiences and legal requirements for practising in the UK. The interviewer will fill in the Interview Form accordingly and make a recommendation that the applicants have passed or failed the interview.

If the applicants pass their admission interview they will receive an offer letter with registration documents via post within 3 working days after the interview (interviews outside London could take up to 2 weeks). At this point, applicants are required to pay their membership subscription fee . Applicants are also offered to join ATCM Block Insurance to cover their practice, otherwise they are required to provide their own professional insurance policy copy to ATCM with all other required registration documents. Please note all members who are currently practising TCM in the UK must be covered by professional and public liability insurance and this requirement is compulsory.

On receipt of all the required registration documents and fees, the ATCM Membership Certificate will be issued and sent to the new member within two weeks. 

Please Click Here to Download ATCM Membership Application Form

Applying for Student Members:

Your are require to follow the steps below to submit your application:

  1. Download and complete Application Form for Student members.
  2. Return your completed form to ATCM office with photocopy of your valid student card or letters to prove that you are a student of accredited course. 

ATCM council will review your applicaiton, once we receive your application. If you meet the requirements for ATCM student membership, you will receive an offer letter with student registration documents via post within 5 working days. At this point, applicants are required to pay your student membership subscription fee (Check our price list for the fees).

Please Click Here to Download the Application Form for ATCM Student Membership

Procedures for Re-Joining Application:

The procedures for re-joining the association of Traditional Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture UK (ATCM) were proposed and approved by the ATCM council in 2007. The procedures were revised and approved once again in March 2020. The details of the procedure are listed as follows:

  1. Members, who failed to renew their membership and left the association for a period of LESS than 6 months, are eligible to re-join the association without the need to complete an application form. But they need to pay a full membership fee for the year. Membership will be counted continually.
  2. Members, who failed to renew their membership and left the association for a period of MORE than 6 months, need to complete an application form and pay a 50% discounted application fee of £30.00 to re-join the association. Membership will be counted from the date of re-joining the association. 
  3. Members, who failed to renew their membership and left the association for a period of MORE than 2 years, will be treated as new applicants. They need to complete an application form, pay a 50% discounted application fee of £30.00, and pass an interview. Membership will be counted from the date of re-joining the association.

Please Click Here to Download the Re-Joining Application Form