Ms Zhi Xiang SONG, MM (China)

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Dr Song is the Chief Integrated Chinese and Western Medicine Physician, she graduated as a western doctor from Harbin Medical University in China in 1990 and later gained a Master’s Degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine from Beijing University of Chinese Medicine.  Dr Song worked in major hospitals in Beijing from 1990 until 2015 in the General Medical (integration of western and Chinese medicine), Emergency, Paediatric and Hospital Infection Departments as an internal medicine physician, GP, Doctor of Integration of Western and Chinese Medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine doctor, Paediatric and Hospital Infection doctor.  She has carried out much research and published 30 medical articles in academic journals.

Dr Song has developed special treatments with rapid patient recovery for acne/severe acne and pain relief using acupuncture.  She has much experience treating musculoskeletal, psychological, women’s, skin, respiratory, digestive, cardiovascular and eye problems; sports injuries; rehabilitation following a stroke; and cancer supplementary therapy following chemotherapy. Also Raynaud’s syndrome, arthritis & joint pain, female infertility & IVF, sciatica and neuralgia, Bell’s palsy & trigeminal neuralgia, asthma, bronchitis, endometriosis & PCOS, gastrointestinal disorders, insomnia, chronic fatigue syndrome, psoriasis and skincare/facelifting.

Dr Song moved to London and opened the Dr Song Clinic of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Muswell Hill in 2015.  Dr Song practises Traditional Chinese Medicine and acupuncture but not western medicine in her London clinic.  Patients benefit from her extensive depth of experience and training as both a western and traditional Chinese doctor.

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