The Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture UK (ATCM) is a professional body in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). Founded in 1994. In November 2003, the ATCM merged with British Society of Chinese Medicine (founded in 2001) and Zhong Shan Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture Association (founded in 1987) to form a new ATCM with wider representation while maintaining the same high standards. Dedicated to excellence in the practice of TCM, it promotes proper professional qualifications and the highest standards in the profession. ATCM is the largest regulatory organization of TCM practitioners in the UK. There are currently over 730 TCM practitioners registered with ATCM.

All full members of ATCM are highly qualified and experienced Chinese herbal medicine and acupuncture practitioners, and over 90% of them hold a Bachelor degree or above in the profession. They provide high standard services in both Chinese herbal medicine and acupuncture. They have helped hundreds of thousands of people for various health conditions and are highly commented. All ATCM members are bound by the Association’s Code of Practice and Code of Professional Conduct at all times. 

ATCM is actively engaged in academic study, research and the clinical application of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Having been working closely with the Department of Health and other professional organizations, ATCM aims to the establishment of statutory regulation in the UK for TCM practitioners.