Ms Ying FAN, MM (China)

Membership number: FM0210010

101 Southwick Street
East Sussex

BN42 4TL

Tel: 07756 104 498





Ms. Ying Fan studied Chinese medicine in Beijing University of Chinese Medicine for 7 years, specialized in dermatology, and got a master’s degree. After graduation, she obtained a Physician Qualification Certificate, a Physician Practicing Certificate and an Attending Physician Certificate granted by Ministry of Health, People’s Republic of China.

Since 2013, she worked as an attending physician, specialized in dermatology, in the International Medical Department of Guang ‘anmen Hospital, China academy of Chinese medicine sciences. Since 2017, she worked as a Chinese medicine practitioner and dermatologist in Avicenna, centre for Chinese medicine, in Hove, England. Since 2020, she founded Global Healthcare Platform Ltd., which focuses on relieving patients’ symptoms with Chinese medicine treatments in the UK, as well as bringing China’s top Chinese medicine resources to the UK and the UK’s top western medicine resources to China.

Ms. Ying Fan has gained a good reputation in treatment of skin diseases, emotional disorders, sleep disorders, pain related diseases as well as skin beauty and weight loss.

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