Ms Hai Yan LI, Tui-Na Certificate

Membership number: AT0160014
King's Cross TCM & Herbal Centre UACM

255 Gray's Inn Road

Tel: 0203 509 9050





Ms Haiyan Li, a practitioner in Tuina (traditional Chinese therapeutic massage) , graduated from Jinan TCM & Medical College on 01/03/1998 , Jinan City ,Shandong Province ,P.R.China,  and then started working at    ‘Liu Jing Chinese Medical Clinic’  and ‘ Jian Ning Tuina Therapy Centre’  for 13 years, Weihai City,  Shandong Province ,P.R. China .

In 2013 , she came to London for her family and then studied TCM (traditional Chinese medicine ) and Tuina  systemically at UK Academy of Chinese Medicine from 26/06/2013 to 28/07/2014.

Currently she is the member of ATCM in Tuina ( traditional Chinese massage ) and practices  at King’s Cross TCM & Herbal Centre UACM ( 255 Gray’s Inn Road, London , WC1X 8QT) . With her magical hands she has successfully treated  many patients with different condition ,  such as joint and muscle pains, arthritis, stiff neck& pain , back pain, sciatica, frozen shoulder , sport injury, tennis elbow, gastritis, IBS, anxiety , stress, insomnia , weight problem, fatigue, lower energy level, etc.

You can book her treatment by phone on 020 3509 9050 on Thursday at 255 Gray’s inn Road, King’s Cross, London , WC1X 8QT, UK



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