Mrs Yu Ying ZHANG

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Real Relaxation Clinic

107 high street

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Dr. Zhang has worked in major hospitals in North of China for more than 20 years before she moved to the UK. She has dealt with many complex conditions over that time. In 2003 she decided to move to the UK with the vision to take her expertise to the western world, to show people that sometimes there are good alternatives to long term medication and in some instances even avoid risky operations.

During her time in the UK and China, she has treated tens of thousands of people from common neck and shoulder pain to supporting patients with long term severe illness such as cancer. She has improved the quality of life for all of her patients.

‘I truly believe in this traditional and holistic health system. During each treatment I teach to my patients the way to a better life as I believe in prevention. My best reward and motivation is to see my patients get better and become happier and being able to enjoy life.’ 


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