Mrs Wen WEI

Membership number: FM0030142

Unit 2
Cortry Close
BH12 4BQ

Tel: 01202 763 221






BSc and MD from Guangxi Traditional Chinese Medicine University, 1983-1988

Professional Experience:

Mrs Wen Wei graduated from Guangxi Traditional Chinese Medicine University, one of the most established Chinese medicine universities in China, where she gained fundamental knowledge of Chinese traditional medicine and received systematic training as a Chinese medicine doctor.  Graduating with a BSc in traditional Chinese medicine, Mrs Wei was appointed as a hospital doctor, then a senior doctor and finally a consultant at Minzu Chinese Medicine Hospital, Guangxi, China. Mrs Wei has many years experience in treating various difficult problems including some very rare difficult conditions, using a combined treatment of acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine. In addition, Mrs Wei is a well-recognised acupuncture specialist.

In 2003, Mrs Wei was invited to work in the UK . Taking advantage of her systematic medical education on Chinese medicine and western medicine, she understands the strengths and weakness of different treatments. She has curled many patients in China and in the UK.  As a specialist of Traditional Chinese medicine, he was invited as a specialist doctor to treat difficult medical illnesses in other western European countries.

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