Mr Song Shan CHU, BM (China)

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Acupuncture & Natural Medicine Clinic

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Tyne and Wear

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Mr. Chu (Zhu) was educated at St. John’s University, Far-Eastern University, and Shanghai Second Medical University and graduated in 1954 as a M.D (7 year course).

In China, he was a consultant in Rui Jin Hospital and started practicing Chinese Medicine in 1958, visiting fellow in M.R.C.U.K and University of Newcastle (School of Medicine) (1979-1984). He was also the Editor of Drugs of Today, and Drugs of the Future (1982-1984).

In Chinese medicine, he was the first one who reported transfusion of energy in Chinese Medical Journal. In U.K. he started his own practice of Chinese medicine in 1984. Because of his accuracy in diagnoses and effectiveness in treatment, he has patients from abroad including medical doctors. Although he does not practice conventional medicine in the U.K. he can practice conventional medicine in the U.S.A.

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