Mr Quan Jun LIU, Dip TCM

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Central London + Sports Injury Clinic

325 - 327 Old Street

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Mr Liu graduated from Wu Han Physical Sports Education College in 1991 completing courses in anatomy/physiology with martial arts/qi gong.  His brother, a TCM practitioner, stimulated early study of TCM, and from 1993 he taught martial arts and studied TCM under the Wang family at the Xinjiang School for Martial Arts and Medicine.

Mr Liu graduated in TCM from Anhui Science and Technology Chinese Medicine College in 1995, and studied with renowned masters, Wang Xin Xing, Wang Chang Qing (Dian Xue Tui Na massage), Mao Li Sheng (osteopathy), Sung Zong Qi (herbal medicines) and Lu Xian Li (using foods as medicine).

Mr Liu has worked in the UK since 2001, receiving a certificate from the Acupuncture School of the Beijing Academy of TCM for a course in ‘Advanced Traditional Chinese Massage and Spinal Treatment’ in 2005.

As a TCM Practitioner, and a master of Chen Taijiquan and Qi Gong, Mr Liu uses his extensive experience in his specialist field of Chinese Massage for medical problems, therapy and rehabilitation. He takes a holistic approach to good health for his patients, using all his skills and giving practical advice on diet and lifestyle.


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