Mr Jin Pan Zou

Membership number: FM0050044
Treasurer & Clinic Development Committee Chair

Tel: 0208 594 3016 / 07526755220


TCM Practitioner since 1986



2001-2004. Medical Doctor (MD). China Academy of China Medical Sciences. Beijing.

1988-1991. Master Degree. Guan An Men Hospital of China Academy of China Medical Science, Beijing.

1981-1986. Bachelor Degree. Jiangxi University of China Medicine (CM).  

TCM Experience

1986-1988, Practiced Integrated Medicine (Western Medicine & Chinese Medicine) in the Hospital affiliated to Jiangxi University of CM.

1988-2004, Practiced Integrated Medicine in Guan An Men Hospital of China academy of CM, Beijing, Which is the China’s top academy hospital of CM. In 1997, was appointed as a Consultant and Specialist.

Since 2005, TCM Practitioner in UK

Other Professional Experiences

2001-2002. As a research fellow in the Division of Respiratory Cell and Molecular Biology, Southampton General Hospital, School of Medicine, University of Southampton. UK

2004, as a visiting Professor in Chang Gung University and Kaohsiung Medical University in Taiwan.

Participated in three national scientific research projects.  Published twenty papers in national magazines. Published eleven medical books in Chinese. Professionals Reported on China CCTV4, CCTV2, Zhejiang Satellite TV, 《POHJANP IIRI》, 《Guangming Daily》, 《The Beijing Evening News》, 《China journal of TCM》,etc.




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