Mr Guang Xi FAN, MM (China)

Membership number: FM0040045
Currently not in practice



Qualification: 1977–1982 Bachelor in Chinese medicine department , traditional Chinese Medicine University Beijing, China 1982–1985 Master.  major in acupuncture, 1986–1993 practise Chinese medicine and acupuncture in the teaching hospital of the traditional Chinese medicine university, Beijing China as both a lecturer and a senior doctor. 1993–1997 Research Fellow, Kumamoto University, Japan.

1997–now practise Chinese medicine and acupuncture in Uk. Almost 30 year TCM Experience in China, Japan and UK. Dr Fan is very good at treating various pains, sports injury with acupuncture and Tuina. He is also well experienced in treating all type of skin conditions and infertility problem.

He is also a fellow member of ATCM UK.



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