Mr Bai Yun ZENG, BM (China)

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Ledow Health Centre

17 Melcome Street

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Qualifications: 1990-1992: PhD in Neurobiology, Department of Anatomy & Developmental Biology, University of College London. 1977-1982: MB, Chongqing Medical University.

TCM experience: over 5 years in researching TCM and practise since 2005. Dr. Zeng is an experienced TCM practioners with significant research experience in neurological disorders, such as Parkinson’s disease. Dr. Zeng is the editor-in-chief of a book titled “Neurobiology of Acupuncture”, volume 111 for the book series titled “International Review of Neurobiology” published by Elsevier in November 2013.

Other Professional Experience: 2013 – : Visiting Fellow, Institute of Pharmacological Sciences, King’s College London. 2006 – Guest Professor of Sichuan University West China School of Pharmacy. 1992-2013: Senior Research Fellow, Neurodegenerative Disease Group, Institute of Pharmacological Sciences, Faculty of Life Science and Medicine, King’s College London. 1989-1990: Research Fellow, University College London. 1985-1989: Lecturer, Chongqing Medical University. 1982-1985: Surgeon, Chengdu Jinton Hospital, Sichuan Province, China. 

Dr. B-Y Zeng is also a member of Society for Neuroscience and British Pharmacology Society.

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